Dark Hetalia
This blog will be filled with Hetalia pictures. Mostly dark ones but maybe some I just want to post
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So hey! I don’t really come on this blog anymore so I just want to let all my followers know! It would be awesome if you could go and follow this account instead of this one because I don’t come on often. I’m on my other Tumblr much more! It has a lot of random shit but I reblog shit like Hetalia, Homestuck, bands, anime, random shit in general, and food. So yeah. 

Day 10: Prussia…. I think it is self explanatory so there~! Btw I DO NOT own that pic of Prussia and idk who’s it is so please don’t like bash me on it! 

Day 9: Germany cause he would be all polite and shit =w=

Day 8: Since I am not sure if I can use nyotalia characters I will say Hungary…. She has long hair that isn’t exactly my color because my hair changes colors on it’s own (brown/red/auburn/dirtyblonde) and it is mostly red or auburn… also my eyes are brown…… That is why I look mostly like Fem Italy

What is this 'life' you speak of? →

Day 7: I am most like Japan. He doesn’t like touchy things like hugs, either do I. He is an otaku, so am I. He is quiet and /used to/ isolates himself, I do that too. The only difference is I can be extremely loud and obnoxious and perverted when I’m with my friends that I barely have =w= I am also in no way mature.

Day 6: I honestly don’t know… I’ma say America cause let’s face it; If he was real and went to any of our schools he would end up being popular and obnoxious and all of us unpopular kids with no friends would probably hate him like we hate all the popular kids.

Day 5: Canada! He is so innocent and sweet~! I would LOVE to raise Canada!

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